Themes of the IFSW European Conference 2021

Europe as well as Word as a whole, is facing big and major challenges due to pandemic, major public health crisis that shaped and changed every day functioning of individuals, communities, states and globally the world, as we knew. Technological development enabled reorganization, adaption and extension in many professional fields such as economy, education and in social care and social work. Inequality regarding health care issues as well as complex social relationships, social functioning, mental health, poverty and other social problems become more visible and come into public focus. The impacts and consequences of a pandemic, the challenges it poses to the individuals, communities and states will be the subject of numerous researches and analyzes. That is why we see this event as an opportunity to exchange experiences and analytical thinking about the practice of social work during the pandemic across Europe. To tackle the themes as social problems during pandemic, reorganization and service users’ capacity building interventions in social care system, the way that social workers help population in psychosocial risk, about challenges that pandemic puts in front of social protection system as well as in front of health protection system.

Political dimension in/of social work

    • Growth of populism and social workers role in promoting social justice
    • Threats for building a Social Europe
    • New social and solidarity movement in societies
    • Civic activism; roles and priorities of non-governmental organizations and cooperation with public services

Social work for next decade

    • The changing nature of the school-to-work transition
    • Education in social work
    • Digital transformation in social work and social services
    • Changing in social work methods and tools

Resilient and adaptive social work

    • Supporting and protecting social workers
    • Institutional management during crisis and optimizing workforce teams
    • Social work beyond borders
    • Building resilience in societies

Threats to human rights in relation to the delivery of social services

    • Upholding and safeguarding Human Rights during Covid-19
    • Challenges for social workers to carry out essential human rights duties
    • Balance between different rights
    • Inequalities in impact of Covid-19 on health and safety for social workers and the people they support
    • Social work with migrants and refugees

Social work response to multiple crisis, disasters and conflicts

    • Radicalization, conflicts and violence in societies
    • Social work response to natural and human disaster
    • Economic crisis in the pandemic and it’s aftermath
    • Mental health: ongoing battle across the lifespan
    • The crisis fatigue

Lessons learned from the pandemic

    • The impact of COVID-19 on access and delivery of social services
    • Supporting staff well-being and health
    • Life in institutions during pandemic
    • Well protected, well isolated: caring for elderly during pandemics
    • Family issues and child protection