October 13, 2021 |  – 12

Language: English

Topic: IFSW Europe New Social Workers Project 

Contributor: Omar Mohamed and the New Social Workers Project Group

Recognising that the future of the profession is with new workers and students, IFSW Europe started a project where each member organisation was encouraged to nominate a ‘young social worker’ (defined as a final year student or a worker in the first five years of their career). These young social workers have been meeting together regularly and have progressed the project significantly. They designed, translated and distributed a survey and had follow up conversations to explore the experiences of almost 1,000 new social workers. This interactive workshop will be facilitated by group members and will:

  • Share the project findings
  • Discuss the forthcoming IFSW Europe policy statement on young social workers
  • Outline advice for new social workers, social work educators and employers

This workshop will begin with a presentation from the IFSW Europe young social workers group. The group will go through the project, the background, process, and findings so far from the policy paper. The group will then lead multiple breakout sessions based on themes that emerged from the policy paper, with discussions on these themes and potential for rich discussions on how the transition from education to employment can be improved for new social workers across Europe.

Please do come along and hear from the future of the profession.