Keynote Speaker

October 12, 2021 | 10:30 – 12:00 (CET Time)
Language: English

Topic:  The Age of Disruption. Welfare in Post-COVID-Europe

Contributor:  Nikolaus Dimmel

It is an illusion to believe that Covid-19 led to an overthrow of the regimes of finance capital.
All, digitization, robotics & health sciences remain the drivers of the 6th Kondratieff cycle. Fairy tales of the “we are the 99%”: more of a 40-40-19-1 society (40% left behind; 40% lower middle class; 19% middle and upper middle class; 1% wealthy).
Part I: Analysis: Zoonotic Capitalism at Dawn
    • After the GIG: Working in the GIG-Economy
    • Working Poor, Low Wage Workers
    • Housing Crisis
    • Growing Health Inequalities
    • Relentless Austerity
Part II: COVID 19
    • Immediate effects of the crisis 
Part III: Perspectives
  • Modified Neoliberalism
  • A Green, Non-Social Deal ?
  • Beyond Labour Law
  • 40% Precariarious People / Precariate
  • Global Warming & Povert

Nikolaus Dimmel is a Lawyer, sociologist and political scientist; expert in social economy (social services), social administration and social policy.
Comprehensive professional experience due to management and executive positions in public administration and social economy. Extensive consulting activities in public institutions (Ministries of Social Affairs in Austria, Greece, Macedonia), umbrella organisations (Social Economy Austria, EASPD) and social economy organisations (Caritas, Volkshilfe, Pro Mente, Lebenshilfe etc.).
Managing Director of InnoSozial (Salzburg) and the Centre for Social Economy (Graz). University Professor at the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg; head of the courses socialmanagement and migration management. Short Term Expert in Twinning and SRSS projects.