Paper presentation (PP_2.1)

Thematic area: Political dimension in/of social work

October 12, 2021 |  – 13

Parallel Session (Language – English)

David Hornung (CUNY York College)
Title: “From Davis to Dominelli: Using Angela Davis to help students understand the work of Lena Dominelli and anti-oppressive social work(Abstract)


Irene Messinger (FH Campus Wien)
Title: “Persecuted Social Workers during the 1930s in Vienna, Austria” (Abstract)


 Simon Gerber (Bern University of Applied Sciences)
Co-author: Tobias Kindler (Eastern Swiss University of Applied Sciences)
Title: “Are more social workers needed in parliamentary politics? A qualitative analysis of obstacles to run for office, and alternative policy-making strategies”  (Abstract)