October 11, 2021 |  – 16
Language: English

Topic: “Social Work Education and Research in the next decade and beyond

Vasilios Ioakimidis
Nicolai Paulsen 

Social work education and practice landscapes have changed significantly since 2004, when the first version of the Global Standards for Social Work Education and Training were launched. The adoption of a new Global Definition of Social work (2014), the publication of the updated Global Social Work Statement of Ethical Principles (2018), and the new Global Agenda (2020) require that the Global Standards for Social Work Education and Training document also reflects broader changes and recent developments in global social work.

These developments also include social work’s role in supporting bottom-up development to meet the aspirations of the Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring countries that are new to social work have global peers to support the advancement of social work education free from colonial influences and creating platforms for Indigenous and local approaches to shape curricula and relevant courses.

The aim of this workshop is to facilitate a dialogue about the social work education in the next decade, focusing on three main themes: a) the roll out and implementation of Global Standards, b) exploration of challenges and controversies in the process of implementing the standards c) creation of meaningful and impactful international partnerships in education, practice and research.

       Professor Vasilios Ioakimidis is the Chair of IFSW’s Global Education Commission.

Nicolai Paulsen is past president of IFSW Europe (2006-2012).

Nicolai is currently IFSW Europe’s regional representative in the Global Education Commission.