October 11, 2021 | 16:30  – 18:00  (CET Time)
Language: English

Topic: ”Pandemic ethics: Reflecting on social work practice during Covid-19”

Sarah Banks (UK)
Teresa Bertotti (Italy)
Dawn Hobdy (USA)
Jane Shears (UK)
Ana M Sobočan (Slovenia)
Kim Strom (USA)
Chair: Rory Truell, IFSW

Brief description: This symposium will reflect on the implications of some of the findings of an international survey on ethical challenges for social workers during Covid-19. In particular we will focus on how social workers responded to these challenges, exhibiting: ethical confusion; ethical distress; ethical creativity and ethical learning.  We will consider how to move from confusion and distress to creativity and learning, introducing the ethical guidance published by IFSW and a newly published resource for practitioners and educators based on vignettes (case examples) from the survey. We will discuss the issues raised by the vignettes and possible responses.


16.35 – Welcome and introduction to the symposium, Rory Truell

16.40 – Ethics during the pandemic: the role of the IFSW ethics commission, Dawn Hobdy

16.45 – Overview of findings and learning from international survey, May 2020, Sarah Banks

17.05 – Ethical decision-making during the pandemic, introduction to the guidance, Kim Strom

17.15 – The resource for students, educators and practitioners – introducing the vignettes: Jane Shears, Teresa Bertotti, Ana M Sobočan 

17.30 – Discussion

18.00 – Close