October 12, 2021 | 14 – 16
Language: English

Topic: “Eight steps to learning in prison”

Contributor: Prof. Dr. Karsten König (IU International University, University of Applied Science)

Co-author: Prof. Dr. Yvonne Knospe

A major difficulty in socio-educational work with young people in critical contexts is motivating young people for learning processes. Often, social pedagogues in closed institutions, special schools for delinquent youths or also in school social work succeed in establishing a good relationship with youths. However, this hardly leads to the young people facing up to school requirements and finding motivation for learning processes again.

The method, Authentic Inquery offers a clearly structured procedure that starts with the interests of the young people and, based on the topics that interest the young people, develops a learning project in eight steps, at the end of which there is a successful learning result.

The method is an example of a consistent change from a didactic mediation perspective to an appropriation perspective and thus suitable for a pedagogy of recognition (Henkneborg 2013: 118). The method combines strict social control in the form of the eight steps with social support and thus corresponds precisely to the approach recommended by Lothar Böhnisch in work with delinquent youth (Böhnisch 2017: 236).

The aim of this workshop is to get to know the method itself and to try it out so that at the end participants have a clear picture of the procedure and can try it out in their own practice.

To this end, we will first introduce the method theoretically and then try it out in digital working groups.

Appropriate teaching material for later implementation will be provided from the RENYO project ( Böhnisch, Lothar (2017): Abweichendes Verhalten. Weinheim: Juventa Henkenborg, Peter (2013): Politische Bildung für Demokratie: Demokratie-Lernen als Kultur der Anerkennung. In: Hafenger, Benno; Henkenborg, Peter; Scherr, Albert: Pädagogik der Anerkennung. Shafi, Adeela ahmed (2019): RE-ENGAGING YOUNG OFFENDERS WITH EDUCATION IN THE SECURE CUSTODIAL SETTING. In: Diahann Gallard; Katharine Evans and James Millington: Children and Their Education in Secure Accommodation