International Federation of Social Workers and Croatian Association of Social Workers, announce the 2021 IFSW Europe Conference on Social Work, taking place virtually 11 – 13 October 2021.

The conference is open to all social workers, practitioners, and academics, students, users, interested in sharing, discussing, and developing the social work profession. The call for oral presentation, symposia sessions, and workshops is open to all social work professionals working in different fields of practice willing to share their expertise and experience, inventive, creative, collaborative practice models and interventions.

The conference aims to provide space for sharing what works in these changing and uncertain times, in what way social work practice contributes to maintaining and improving resilience in communities, families, and individuals in psychosocial risk, human rights, and social cohesion. Education of social workers and building competencies from a lifelong perspective is also very important to social work development.

The event will take place online!